Meet Birdaffi – A victim of a sleepless imagination.

Born in the City of Gold, bred in Cape Town and now on my journey to Finding Utopia in my home town, Jo’burg City before I infiltrate the entire African continent.

I believe that Only Africans can develop Africa. It’s not a matter of race.

I write because my life has a purpose and everything I’m exposed to influences my journey. I can’t pretend so I’m easily impressed or disappointed.

Welcome to my thoughts.

At the end of the day when I am a renowned author, historian and Africa development activist, all I care to receive from the world is recognition for my passion so the future generations remember my name.

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Things you should know about me:

– My full name is Lulama Ntaka
– I’m the last of 6 children
– AAA School of Advertising Graduate – Copywriting
– Law school drop out
– Service delivery and quality production activist
– Aries
– Inspired by humans
– I’m a DJ
– I collect books, notepads, music, dresses and mentors
– Seeking growth, willing to adapt but don’t ask me to change
– Blessed, ecstatic and thankful to be alive
– Co-owner of AcidChimpMonks record label
– Ignorance & racism annoys me
– “Love” is not enough for me to compromise my dreams and ranks lower than success in my bucket list, BUT given the right pitch, I might just fall for it.
– I talk a lot of shit but most of that actually fertilizes.

Copywriter, Social Media Manager & Content Producer

Use me but don’t abuse me.

Contact via All the writings on this blog are produced by Lulama Ntaka and all copyrights are reserved by her, The Phoenix Among Humans 2010-2016, otherwise stated. Most of the images used on this blog have been sourced through Google.


5 thoughts on “Meet Birdaffi – A victim of a sleepless imagination.

  1. Hello there!! Haha =)

    Didn’t know where else to write this so I’m going to soma write it here! I enjoyed going through you blog and reading some of your post ay. I think you got a really good blog going here so you soma gonna take the honours of being the first blog imma follow on this site! Keep doing what you doing Miss ZuluBird! Hehe 🙂

    Oh, and I have my own blog here though I’m still new to this blogging thing so hope you won’t mind me dropping by once in a while to ask for some pointers and to pick your brain. 😉



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