Men Are Trash & I Ain’t Shit! Girl Cray

Rhetoric words last longer than an orgasm
Yet, here we are. “Let me give you and your friends space.”
This doesn’t make sense but let’s!
The one with the big hands has the smallest pockets
They always seem to last longer when they’re short
Grab the keys and unlock eternity.
Just one last look
Dancing in the rain
Never felt like this. Heck.
Maybe this is for the better
I should stop before she bleeds
Just one last str…
Zap Zapper Zap Me!!
In a circle of smiles, there’s two heroes’ and one player
5 roses amid a storm
Withered but constant
Like pink petals on a bed
Doing as you please
I miss it. Like everything
The hugs, jumps and falls
We just smile like pink petals on a bed
Where did I go wrong?
When was the last time I was really myself??
Smiles mean so little no more. Yes more.
Hide me
Hold me
I don’t want to be wrong anymore
I just want to please myself
More us than me
Lonely kisses leave slugs
Withered but constant
No man hugs
No man woman
Just smiles like pink petals, I lay



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