There is no room for disability in the advertising, marketing and media industry

Con artists, drug addicts and zombies have a better chance of being successful from their creativity than someone with a disability. I sit and wonder how much talent is  wasted as the ambition runs dry in the lives of the disabled. For the past year or so I’ve been invited to interviews/meetings as a social media marketing manager and when I walk in with my crutch, which is temporary, and I extend my right hand with a splint , this is permanent, for a handshake, whoever I’m meeting forgets why they bothered me for a position in their company. Looking back at my career everywhere I worked there was never a disabled person in the creative side of the agencies. It’s either they were the receptionists or did admin work that never included meeting any client or business associate.

Going back to the interview part, I’m obliged and not ashamed to say I now have a disability, radial nerve palsy aka wrist drop, which was caused by an accident I have no memory of. I explain how I went from being paralysed on my right side to learning how to write my name again,etc Regardless of my mental capacity, my experience, the successful campaigns and brands I’ve managed on the social media space, being disabled works for my disadvantage. The creative industry would much rather spend on rehabilitation than accommodate a candidate who will not only benefit the company but the client too.  Why do we have to volunteer to charities,etc for our art and creativity to be acknowledged? In my industry we speak of breaking through the clutter but we still box ourselves with ignorance. Maybe I wouldn’t have recognized this had I not been in my accident but nonetheless this is disgusting and hope that my book and speaking up will somehow make a difference and show the rest of the world that disabled people are worthy of any position in the workplace and not just good enough for CSI projects. I’ve met so many people, young and old who no longer have careers because they became disabled. I can no longer turn a blind eye.

To be continued…



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