The Lost Children of God – Suicide Note 1

Religion put a price on people’s heads.

When someone reveals their beliefs no one has the right to question their spiritually. However, this has become a universal norm, one that has made man to believe that another mans life should be determined by how they practice their free will to prosper.

Earth has always had enough resources, food and land for all forms of life to endure. Religion, the oldest ideology, transformed the natural order of life. People started to believe in superiority. The need for followers made us hunt in other people’s territory.

Religion forgot that we are part of the animal kingdom and we the human species. To justify inhumanity we were made to believe that were different and why there’s reason why your success is quantified. From our skin colors to our sexuality and purpose.

Insecurity led to a never ending rebellion. Borders, colonialism, disease, economies, War, Slavery, Governments, Fame. All predetermined when religion replaced spiritually.

And with that said, I believe that we shouldn’t be uncomfortable in our bodies because the world is harsh. We should embrace our lives as we are blessed with a purpose. The world is yours.



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