Fearless – Door closed on the account of the season.

I’ve never been one to pass a challenging opportunity, good and sometimes bad,  I’m diligent to the end game. Brave as I was, I was still sceptical about pursuing my ultimate desire. The more knowledge I receive, the closer I am to fulfilling my purpose and this frightened me more than anything else. Today though, maybe it’s because I’m bionic now, I am risk ready. Free to finally use my skills and network to play my part in sustaining the richness of Africa, my home. My time is now dedicated to collaborating with artists, brands, communities and entrepreneurs to enrich themselves and create a ‘visa’ free market place within the continent. The hippie in me would love to one day share the experiences I will endure… Every moment is precious, I am now ready to push the boundaries. Producing work that’s  worth everyone’s time.

I’m in no rush but remember, if you call me, I no longer have the energy to procrastinate.

It is written.


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