Being a “Young Black Woman” is not enough for me

I live in a country that preaches that being a young black woman, actually just being black, is a “privilege”. I find this very condescending. Why is my success dependent on my skin colour. Yes, apartheid made a black woman’s life hell and hindered her way to the top but now that we are free I feel that all woman should have an opportunity of being the next Patrice Motsepe.All woman deserve more than just money in the bank.

We are hired because we are black, young and female, not because we are intelligent and talented. Personally, I refuse to be someone’s BEE saviour.

I want more than success. I want to be married and have kids. I would like many things that are not guaranteed just because I am a “young black woman”.

Next time I’m offered an opportunity because I am black, I will gladly walk out because I want more out of life than what my skin colour can offer.


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