I’ve Been Meaning To Ask


They say Africa is united and yet we can’t find our girls

They say we are united meanwhile civil wars proceed

Fathers continue to leave their families while our god mothers look away

They say Africa will be a super power one day

The same people then turn around and self us dreams of a perfect life in the west

We sing praises of the land and disregard our ancestors

Our rivers run dry while we water our plantations with our neighbour’s blood

We question our identity instead of finding out who stripped our souls

They say Africa is united

The land is locked but we live borders

Our cultures separate us even though brewed from the same root

How many billionaires are Africans?

I ask myself what made them different from the rest of us

Could they be what the world claims to be “African Unity”

Where does one apply for a visa to live in a tolerant Africa

Show me the world’s map and I will show you it’s belly

It’s big, dark and has a light around it but everyone is too scared to swim towards it

Rome wasn’t built in a day and yet it collapsed.

Africa was never built and yet we all claim to have made it what it is today

Its minerals are exported; nothing ever comes back in its original form

Some never even come back

My brothers and sisters, where did we go wrong?

Why do we look down on our own prophets

Is it because they cannot read TIMES?

Good news only travels as far as jealously allows it

Who says Africa is united?

Please stand up and show me the knot


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